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We have expertise in the development and utilisation of chemical and microbiological operating procedures for the examination and adjudication of:

  • pharmaceutical products, drugs, active substances and excipients
  • cosmetics
  • drinking water
  • bath water
  • waste water

Complex analytical services in the environmental and pharmaceutical field are the main topics of our laboratory - a brief survey:

  • analysis of heavy metals
  • screening of various elements and organic toxicants
  • microbiological analysis
  • determination of pharmaceutical substances and pesticides in water
  • determination of halogenated compounds, such as LHKW, BTXE, PAK
  • analysis of mineral oils
  • examination of purity, identity and quantity of drugs, active substances and auxiliary material according to the European Pharmacopoeia, USP and DAB under GMP-conditions
  • purity, identity and assay tests of pharmaceutical products according to GMP-conditions
  • stability-testing according to ICH-guidelines under GMP-conditions
  • development and validation of methods according to ICH-guidelines under GMP-conditions
  • viscosity-, density-, hardness- and refractive-index-testing
  • in-vitro-dissolution-testing